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Why Us?

Our Core Philosophy:

Quality, Service and Value. In today's rapidly changing World, you can count on us for a Quality Product Delivered to your Specifications in the most efficient manner Possible. You can depend on us.

China New Materials® would like to become a core Supplier to your Company. In times of tight supply you will have first opportunity at our warehouse. When major market trends develop, we keep you informed and recommend a course of action. Need Technical Help? We can help or steer you in the right direction. We will bend over backwards for a good customer. We know that we can add value to your Rubber or Plastic Operation.


We source our raw materials from renowned suppliers of China. We favor those who are dependable, in order to minimize problems for our customers. Our customers are therefore assured of quality raw materials the addition of which will enhance their products.


China New Materials® serves consumers all over the world who need good quality carbon black, backed by dependable service at a fair price. We respond quickly to our customers' requirements.

China New Materials® produces all grades of carbon black with high quality --- N220, N234, N326, N330, N339, N375, N550, N660, N762 and N772.

We are price competitive because we are efficient and know our business. The Internet keeps us know the developments and requirements of the market.

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