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Quality Policy

The primary aims of China Carbon® are to keep the trust of all our customers and partners as well as to achieve fame with the help of our excellent services in the field of raw materials for the rubber & plastic industry.

In respect of the quality of our services, with the accomplishment of the aims we have set ourselves, we regard it as a daily task to provide services of high quality permanently at every level of management and execution. The documented processes we have introduced and our excellent performance guarantee our customers and partners first-class services.

We place special emphasis on the development of our colleagues’ quality consciousness. We make sure that all of them learn, understand, support and promote the implementation of our quality policy.

We monitor our customers’ satisfaction level permanently, analyse their reflections as well as the measures implemented regarding their complaints so that we can develop the quality of our performance.

We steadily follow the changes in law regarding our industry and comply with all the regulations considering workers’ protection, fire prevention and environmental protection. We constantly improve work conditions and protect our employees’ health.

The management and staff of China Carbon® have pledged themselves to maintain the high quality of our products and services so that we can meet our customers’ every requirement and all the deadlines.

Our quality management system is certified by ISO 9001:2008.


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